About Campo
Campo is the Riga based canoe company with whom we arranged the trip.
They helped to select the rivers that best suited our own requirement. They rent us canoe and gears for both rivers trips. And they brought us, with canoe and gears, to the first starting point.

There they told us: «From here, if you want to, you can paddle down right to the sea. When you've got enought, just give us a call, and tell us where you are. We'll come to pick you up and bring you to the next river.»
And that's how it happen.

When they drop us, with canoe and gears, at Vidaga for the Gauja river, again they said: «From here too, one can paddle as far as the sea. Just give us a call when you've got enought, and we'll come pick you up.»
And that's also how it happen.